Motor Testing

At Matlock Electric we take the time to truly evaluate the condition of your motor, both electrically and mechanically. Our expert personnel and state-of-the-art diagnostic testing equipment is utilized throughout the remanufacturing process to insure quality workmanship. From this information we provide you with a detailed analysis of your equipment. All testing data is documented and logged into our database for future reference and baseline trending. We perform detailed testing on all motors incoming and outgoing.

One of the most critical capabilities of an electric motor repair facility is the ability to test-run remanufactured motors at full rated nameplate voltage. Test running electric motors at full rated voltage is essential to accurately measure vibration levels and pinpoint mechanical problems that are not always detected at less than full voltage.

Phenix MTS1250 High Power-Motor Test System

Designed to provide test stand power for testing of multi-horsepower AC and DC motors. Capabilities of full load and full votage testing rated up to 7000 HP and 13800 Volts.

AW I-900E Dynamometer

This diagnostic-solution equipment is an accurate testing tool that can easily test AC & DC, traction, and gear reduction motors providing guaranteed motor efficiency. The state-of-the-art AW Dynamometer can simulate actual motor load conditions while, at the same time, measure horsepower and torque output.

This data then becomes a validated written performance test through the use of a digital, 4-function horsepower readout and test report printer. This equipment has the power to test the major high-power motors with as much as 3100 ft/lbs of high-torque start-up capability.

The I-900E electric motor dynamometer is rated at (600 H.P. – 447 KW) at 1160 RPM, (900 H.P. 671 KW at 3600 RPM), 3100 ft lbs. torque – 4208 NM) at 0-1000 RPM. This unit enables full horsepower-kilowatt testing in the 1800-3600 RPM range. The AW Dynamometer has the power to test the major high-power motors with as much as 3100 ft. lbs of high torque start-up capability.

PdMA MCEmax Motor Circuit Analysis Testing

The MCEmax is a revolutionary tester and one of the most powerful motor-testing tools available. We have two (2) of these revolutionary electrical maintenance testing units. These testers combine the capabilities of the MCE and the Emax into one portable package. The test equipment monitors three phases of voltage and current. Provides testing capabilities up to 5000VDC and offers continuous graphing polarization index and computer automated step voltage tests.

The PdMA-MCEmax performs AC standard tests which checks the phase to phase resistance and phase to phase inductance. The equipment gives corrected one minute mega ohm readings and also performs a RIC (rotor influenced) and PI (polarization index) and graphic results. PdMA-MCEmax can conduct step voltage test capable of 5000 volts. The service includes printing capabilities, historical equipment testing database maintenance for our customers. This equipment may be used for off-site testing.

Azima DLI DCX Vibration Analysis & Dynamic Balancing

The most advanced vibration analyzing model for collecting vibration data. We have DLI Expert Alert Software which allows us to create historical data for archiving on motor repairs for customers. The Analyzer may be used to test equipment on your site. The equipment creates and sends reports for review and analyzing.

Phenix CL25 Core Loss Tester

Tests the core iron of the motor for hot spots and how efficiently it makes a magnetic field. Database, maintenance historical data and printing software capabilities are included with the core loss tester.

(2) 12KV Baker Surge Testers

Capabilities include up to 30KV. Tests rewinding resistance mega ohms, PI (polarization index) and prints PI graphs. The Baker Surge Tester performs standard surge tests and step-voltage tests. Automated to give consistency in testing and also prints color printout of all test results. This equipment may be used offsite. The D12000 Surge Tester performs Polarization Index and Hipot tests.

Phenix Hipot Test

Performs Polarization Index and HiPot testing. 75KV DC Hipot. Capable of 75KV DC high-voltage insulation testing.